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Beautify You the Balm & Bubble Way

Balm & Bubble MedicalGrade Skincare:
Our treatments combine MedicalGrade ingredients, Natural, Vegan & Organic, Paraben Free, Cruelty Free and cutting edge medical devices. We use a Clinical and Organic skin care line, which combines Nature and Science, Safe yet Effective, top-notch ingredients with blends of nutrient rich botanicals, healing herbs and oil balms to get you the pure and real results you are looking for!

Balm & Bubble Feature Enhancements:
At Balm & Bubble, we understand that permanent makeup is not just a process, but truly an art.  An artist can turn a flat canvas into a 3-dimensional object. With extensive training and experience in Asia and Europe, our goal is to use the best techniques to create natural soft cosmetics that enhance your eyebrows/eyes/lips and bring your features to life!
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